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Judge : Mrs S Butterfield


BEST IN SHOW   Xingbao Summer Inspiration to Chifido
RES BEST IN SHOW   Ch Bojinghai Fire and Ice JW

DOG CC   Xingbao Summer Inspiration to Chifido
DOG RCC   Ch Bojinghai Fire and Ice JW
BITCH CC   Taylorian Star Attraction
BITCH RCC   Xingbao Cotton Candy
BEST PUPPY IN SHOW   Ch-Dalen Olimpea
BEST VETERAN IN SHOW   Browny's Bodhi Bear at Cheuntao

Minor Puppy Dog

Puppy Dog
Rendel Rum Fudge
Jamarhys Koal Dragon
Bojinghai Thors Thunder at Beaconpride
Taylorian Dream Maker
Tianjin's No Apologies

Junior Dog
Lechan Black Muse
Elvis the Amazing Boy del Tassio to Loyjean

Yearling Dog
Lechan Black Muse

Novice Dog
Bojinghai Devil in Disguise

Special Beginners Dog

Spec Graduate AOC Dog
Xingbao Summer Inspiration to Chifido

Graduate Dog
Bojinghai Jackpot at Beaconpride

Post Graduate Dog
Jenrenes Mighty Rubin
Kyong Krugerrand

Limit Dog
Xingbao Summer Inspiration to Chifido
Lechan Rodrik Ir Jun Ch
Fulangs Red Hot Super Bob
Janqbu Liang Shanbo

Special Open AOC Dog
Ch Bojinghai Fire and Ice
Jenrene's Mighty Zack at Lechan

Open Dog
Ch Jenrenes Mighty Enzo
Burlesk Enter the Dragon
Ch Bojinghai Zeus

Veteran Dog/Bitch
Browny's Bodhi Bear at Cheuntao
Foillan Fei Chang at Jdlingchow
Santicana Blue Sparkle

Smooth Dog/Bitch
No entries

Minor Puppy Bitch
Ch-Dalen Olimpea
Bon Triumph Dinasty at Wengeordy
Druantiajavo Shan

Puppy Bitch
Rendel Red Velvet
Bon Triumph Dinasty at Wengeordy
Taylorian Dream Cloud

Junior Bitch
Ch-Dalen Nota Bene
Shulian Serenity Star

Yearling Bitch
Druantiajavo Shan
Shulian Serenity Star

Novice Bitch
Amadar Willow

Special Beginners Bitch
Druantiajavo Shan

Special Graduate AOC Bitch
Xingbao Cotton Candy
Showchans Star of Kwanyin

Graduate Bitch
Conistonjam Candy

Post Graduate Bitch
Xingbao Cotton Candy
Siamdel Mary Poppins
Bon Triumph Yunona at Wengeordy
Showchans Shadow Dancer

Limit Bitch
Bojinghai Crackling Rose from Cheuntao
Janqbu Scarlet O'Hara

Special Open AOC Bitch
Bojinghai Black Velvet

Open Bitch
Taylorian Star Attraction

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