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Judges :
Mrs J King (D) & Mrs A Drysdale (B)


BEST IN SHOW   Ch Norkov's Foni Baloni at Shasadee
RES BEST IN SHOW   Ch Simcha Chucuito JW

DOG CC   Ch Norkov's Foni Baloni at Shasadee
DOG RCC   Bojinghai Catch The Dream for Yontan
BITCH CC   Ch Simcha Chucuito JW
BITCH RCC   Igrivaya Shalunja ot Russkogo Couturier at Wengeordy
BEST PUPPY IN SHOW   Santicana She Sparkles at Arashani

I was honoured to be invited to judge dogs for The North Eastern Chow Chow Club on Sunday 3rd May, 2015. Thank you to the hard working and hospitable committee for making my day an enjoyable experience. I was very pleased with the standard, and quality of the dogs. None were shy, and all moved out with ease. The bitch judge Ashleigh Griffin and I were in full agreement on the final awards, and the referee was not called upon, I think he ‘Harry Newton’ enjoyed his day as a spectator.

Minor Puppy Dog 6 Entries 0 Absent
1st Hunt & Olivers Kobomika Gandalf
Six month old cream puppy of great substance. Broad Flat Skull, well padded muzzle, dark dry eyes. Strong neck, well arched. Well sprung rib. Good tail carriage. Moved extremely well. Best Dog Puppy
2nd Southgates Santicana My Lucky Guy
Smaller than one, but a very eye catching fawn puppy, with a lot of promise. Tiny thick ears, rounded at tip, and used to advantage. Good eye shape, dark, and dry. Correct bite, and good pigment. Neck set well on shoulders. Broad deep rib, short coupled. Well boned perfectly straight front legs, letting down to tight cat like feet. Not quite as settled on the move as one.
3rd Dixons Yontan Bacchus

Puppy Dog 4 Entries 1 Absent
1st Southgates Santicana My Lucky Guy
2nd Smiths Yontan Back To Black
Good size black dog, in very good coat. Pleasing expression, with good eye shape, ear placement, and dentine, excellent pigment. Carrying just enough weight. Short coupled, with good tailset. A little erratic on the move.
3rd Hays Santicana Black Knight
Another very nice black puppy. Still a baby, slighter than one and two, but he has super coat. Not long, but excellent condition and colour. He will settle in time.

Junior Dog 2 Entries 1 Absent
1st Megsons Akukuro And I Love Her
Good sized red dog, who is all male. Well balanced, with masculine head. Broad flat Skull, moderate stop. Well padded muzzle. Correct bite, with good pigment. Powerful neck, set well on muscular shoulders. Super straight front. Stands well on toes. Coat not in full bloom at the moment. Moved well.

Novice Dog 3 Entries 1 Absent
1st Mackenzie-Haverson Browny’s Bodhi Bear At Cheuntao
18 month old cream boy. Not overdone in any way, perfectly balanced. The most appealing expression, enhanced by his showmanship. Lovely eyes, with black rims. Good bite. Well sprung rib with correct proportion to coupling. High tailset. Short coat, but excellent colour and condition.
2nd Hunt & Olivers Kobomika Gandalf

Graduate Dog 3 Entries 2 Absent
1st Mackenzie-Haverson Browny’s Bodhi Bear At Cheuntao

Post Graduate Dog 2 Entries 0 Absent
1st Halliburtons Shojo Fin
Big well balanced dog, of great substance. Strong head, but not coarse in any way. Well padded muzzle, correct bite, good pigment. Deep rib, with width between forelegs. Strong bone, tight neat feet. Shown in excellent body condition, and coat. Moved well both coming and going.
2nd Browns Lechan Captain Jack
Black dog, finer than one, but very well put together. Super eyes, both in shape and colour. Complete scissor bite, black gums, and flews. Not in full coat today, but still solid colour, and off standing. Erratic on the move, think he has girls on his mind.

Mid Limit Dog 2 Entries 1 Absent
Hollis & Carrs Janqbu Justifying Jacon JW
Self red, short coupled well balanced dog, with super tailset. Masculine expression, not overdone, always looking as if he is asking “are you talking to me”? Correct bite, with good pigment. Strong neck, set well on shoulders. Good depth of rib, with width between legs. Shown in excellent body condition, and groomed to perfection. Moved with purpose.

Limit Dog Entries 2 0 Absent
1st Williams Bojinghai Catch The Dream For Yontan
Medium sized dog, lovely profile. Solid black coat, in excellent condition. Pleasing head, small thick ears, placed well on broad skull. Moderate stop, well padded muzzle. Correct bite, excellent pigment. Good shoulder placement, straight front legs with adequate bone. Neat tight feet. Nice spring of rib. High Tailset. Breeches well coated, with short hocks. Moved and showed very well Res CC
2nd Browns Kwaitang Kansas
Good size, handsome, masculine red dog. The thickest of ears, used to advantage. Very pleasing expression. Powerful neck, slightly arched, giving lovely profile. Good width between legs. Strong bone, muscular body condition. Dense off standing coat. Steady and controlled on the move.

Special Open AOC Than Red Dog 3 Entries 1 Absent
1st Douse’s Ch Norkov’s Foni Baloni At Shasadee
Medium sized black dog, well off for bone. Super profile, showing himself off at all times. Strong masculine head, free of wrinkles, good shaped, dry dark eye. Moderate length of muzzle. Excellent bite and pigment. Good depth and spring of rib, short coupled. Powerful hind quarters, with short hocks. Moved extremely well, with true pendulum action CC & BIS
2nd Singletons Yuusi The Perfect Storm
Black youngster, slighter all round than one, but still a well made boy. Pleasing head, nice profile. Stands well on toes. Just needs to get his act together on the move.

Open Smooth Dog 1 Entry 1 Absent

Open Dog 3 Entries 1 Absent
1st Clucas’s Ch Simauta Dess Rizhi Shum For Hiswin
Handsome red dog, well off for bone, lovely legs and feet. Appealing head, with gentle expression. Nice to go over, just enough weight, nice rib to coupling ratio. Good tailset. In mid coat, very well presented. Moved well in this class, but was a fidget in the challenge.
2nd Parsons Jenrenes Mighty Joe
I like this blue boy a lot. Medium size, with lovely balance. Good head, with width between the ears, which are small, thick, and rounded at tip. Powerful neck, of moderate length, set well on shoulders. Straight well boned legs, lovely tight feet. Powerful hind quarters, well coated breeches, short hocks. Moved with purpose, but was distracted by the door, which affected his movement going away.

VeteranDog 3 Entries 1 Absent
Super veterans, a credit to the breed
1st Phillips Canoyu Son ‘N’ Heir JW
Light shaded red dog, carrying his 8 years very well. In super condition. Well balanced. Well off for bone. Pleasing head, with lovely ear placement. Dark dry eyes. Perfect bite. Muscular shoulders, straight front legs, tight cat like feet. Looked and moved like a youngster.
2nd Lindsey’s Jdlindchow Chang Peng
A lovely 10 year old self red gentleman. Very gentle expression. Bite, and pigment a true credit, no sign of age there. Carrying just enough weight. Mid coat, still in good condition, and off standing. Moved well.

Judge Janet King

Minor Puppy Bitch
1ST ROBINSON MR + MRS , SANTICANA SHE SPARKLES @ARASHANI . A very promising puppy, she caught my eye as soon as she entered the ring. Excellent square stance, beautiful shaped head with lovely expression, nice clean eye, good ear placement, well balanced with good bone structure, good arched neck set well on shoulders, good spring of rib, excellent tail set which she was happy to show off, excellent steady movement, nicely up on her toes, beautifully presented, I wish this pup a lot of success. BPIS.
2ND ABSALOM MRS , WENGEORDY FANCY NANCY . Very promising puppy, nice and square on stance with a good head, flat skull and good ear set small and thick, good open clean eye, well boned with nice deep chest, good spring of rib, great tail set, movement well balanced.

Puppy Bitch
2ND SOUTHGATE MR + MRS, SANTICANA BLUEBELL PRINCESS . Blue bitch very light in frame, narrow head which needs development with time, clean eye, narrow in chest, long in ribs, moves well with nice stride.

Junior Bitch.
1ST CARR MRS B. MAXING EASTERN PRINCESS TO GUANEZHOU . Very nice cream, well presented though lacking in coat. Excellent square body, lovely head with flat skull and good ear set, nice clean eye, slightly long in muzzle, correct bite with good pigmatation, good reach of neck, good forechest, good shape cat feet and well up on pasterns, excellent spring of rib, good muscle tone, good tail set, excellent movement and gait.
2ND CHRISTIE MR + MRS, BOJINGAI EBONYS PEARL. good general appearance, nice shape head with broad muzzle, nice eye shape clean and clear, nice reach of neck with good chest and shoulders, longer in leg but nice shaped cat feet, long length of rib but good spring, good balanced movement.

Novice Bitch
1ST MACKENZIE, FULLFORGE FANTASTICA FOR CHEUNTAO . good head flat skull, nice small ear, clean eyes, short reach of neck, good top line but long in length, steady in movement.
2ND SOUTHGATE MR + MRS G. SANTICANA BLUEBELL . General appearance very slight and fine in bone, forechest narrow, small head, nice small ear, eyes were clean, nice short body, low tail set, moved nice and steady.

Graduate Bitch.
2ND CARR MISS A. KWAITANG KATERINA OF KILUNUS . General appearance very good with nice strong head, flat skull, ears well positioned small and thick, strong deep forechest set on good place shoulders, well boned, excellent cat feet, slightly wrong in rib, good muscle tone with good movement and gait.

Post Grad Bitch.
1ST FLAVELL MS, WILL CHOW MAMA MIA WITH SIAMDEL . beautiful strong head with lovely expression, well placed ears of good size. Teeth of correct bite and pigmatation, deep chest, well boned with good cat feet, nice spring of rib on a balanced body, steady movement with a nice stride

Mid Limit Bitch
1ST WILLIAM J+L, KWAITANG KARBON KAT @ YONTAN . General shape nice and square, fine head with good clean eye, nice square muzzle, good bite and pigmatation, nice reach of neck, good top line and tail set, lovely strong muscle tone with balanced movement.

Limit Bitch
1ST CLUCAS MR+MRS W. BUTTERFLY EFFECT FROM CHOW HEAVEN FOR HISWIN . Lovely black bitch, good strong head, small thick ears which she used well, nice clean eye, nice broad muzzle, excellent square shape, good forechest, nicely up on toes, nice level top line, good tail set, excellent steady movement, well presented.

Open AOC Bitch
1ST ELLIS MRS V. EMJAQUES PRINCESS AURORA @ BOJINGHAI . Beautiful black bitch with a lovely head, good ear placement, lovely reach of neck, beautiful chest, lovely cat feet body short and square with good length of rib, nice tail set, steady on the move and nice gait.

Open Smooth Bitch
1ST ABSALOM MRS W. IGRIUAYA SHALUNJA OT RUSSKOGO COUTURIER @ WENGEORDY . Absolutley stunning, beautiful head with the most eye catching expression, a lovely frown, flat skull with excellent ear set, great reach of neck, well placed shoulders, good deep chest, good strong bone, well up on pasterns, lovely cat feet, moved very well and steady, very well balanced. RCC

Open Bitch
1ST EVANS MRS S. CH. SIMCHA CHUCHITO JW . General appearance excellent, very well presented, body shape short and square, beautiful head which she carried very proudly with regal stance, nice eye shape and clean, excellent short broad muzzle, correct bite and pigmatation, beautiful reach of neck, good deep chest, strong boned, excellent cat feet, wellup on her pasterns, excellent top line and tail set, good spring of ribs, nice short couplings, good strong muscle, fit for function, excellent coat condition and moved with confidence. BCC
2ND SWEENEY MISS J. CHOWETHA MILLION MEMORIES . Well presented, a tall girl, fine in bone, nice head, good ears, slightly narrow in chest, good top line and good tail set, moved well.

Veteran Bitch
1ST CLAXTON MISS G. TSUNI LAYLA . 8yrs young, did not look her age, still very happy to show and did so very well, coat in great condition, lovely head, clean eye, correct bite, nice square body, good top line, moved around the ring with grace.
2ND ROBERTSON MRS I. ROSIDE DAZZLING DIOR . very good general appearance, lovely head, muzzle well padded, good thick ears, good breadth of chest, short in height long in body, coat in good condition

Judge : Ashliegh Drysdale

Thank You very much to the Officers and Committee for inviting me to Judge the special classes, at The North Eastern Chow Chow Champ Show, a club that I love supporting, and I hold dear to my heart, it was an honour, and the support from the Chowists was brilliant, the number's entered and the turn out was a joy, Thank You.
Peter Matfin (Ashlantie)

Class A. Junior Dog/Bitch 12.5.
1st ,Mackenzie & Mackenzie-Haverson. Fullforge Fantastica For Cheuntao. A 14 month old bitch of good quality, A Black Chow with a nice head, dark eyes, good pigmentation, small thick ears, and a strong neck, with a pleasing overall outline, standing square, moved with the characteristic stilted gait, well done.
2nd, Hunt & oliver. Kobomika Gandalf.a 7mth old Cream dog, with a good flat skull, good clean eyes, small ears well furred, good pigmentation, scissor bite, well laid shoulders, a short back level and strong, a nice youngester throughout, moved well.
3rd, Absalom, Wengeordy Fancy Nancy.Res, Clucas. Butterfly effect From Chowheaven for Hiswin.
VHC, Robinson.Santicana She Sparkles at Arashani.
HC. Southgate, Santicana Bluebell Princess.

Class B Post Graduate Dog/Bitch 12.5.
1st. Absalom. Igrivaya Shalunja Ot Russkogo Couturier at Wengeordy. 16mth old bitch, which I've watched from the ringside in the passed, a good quality Smooth Chow, In good proportion, a flat skull, with everything in the right place, a strong Chow neck, not short, well set shoulders, leading onto a well muscled body with good spring of rib, movement was superb, with drive, and the correct stilted gate.
2nd. Mackenzie & Mackenzie-Haverson.Browny's Bodhi Bear at Cheuntao. Another Cream, 16 month old Dog, developing well, well muscled body, in good coat, moved well when settled.
3rd, Brown. Lechan Capain Jack.
Res. Ellis. Emjaques Princess Aurora At Bojinghai.
VHC. Carr. Kwaitang Katerina.
HC. Flavell.Willchow Mama Mia With Siamdel.

Class C. Open Dog/Bitch. 6.2.
1st Hollies P, & Carr. Janqbu Justifying Jacob.a 2yr old Red Male, in a word, Stunning, a quiet dog, with a good broad flat skull, broad muzzle, correct earset, scissor bite, and good pigmentation, nice well set shoulders, slighty arched, broad chest, well sprung ribs, level topline, and in good coat, now down to movement, there was a false start, he got his eye on his kennel mate, which put him off, his owner settled him down, and off he went, powerful, Parallel, and with drive, again all I can say, Stunning. Well Done.
2nd. Clucas.Ch. Simauta Dess Rizhii Shum For Hiswin. Another Ive watched and admired from the ringside, A 4 yr old red male, also with outstanding qualites, he has a good strong chow head, nice eyes, correct earset, good pigmentation, very thing in the correct place, shoulders muscular and sloping correctly, broad chest and deep, well sprung ribs, a pleasure to go over, and he moved well.
3rd, Brown, Kwaitang Kansas.
Res, Ellis. Glenrui Shan Ling At Bojinghai.

Judge Peter Matfin (Ashlantie)

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