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The North Eastern Chow Chow Club was formed, the first Secretary being a Mr R W  Brown. Others involved in the beginning were Mr Scarff and Mrs Hudson.
 The first membership fee was 5 shillings per person (much much more than today's  fee in real terms).

  The first show was held at Sunderland, when the entry fee was 2 shillings per class    and prize money of 10/-, 5/- and 2/6p per class were paid.
   The minutes indicate that entries would be accepted up to 12 noon on the day of     the show and could not leave before 5p.m. Specials were given for Open Dog and     Open Bitch by the Midland Chow Chow Club and no photographs were to be taken     with the judge until after judging was complete.
    It also appears to have been customary to invite the local Mayor to open the     show.

    Record entries (194) with two judges.

    Mrs Boddy took over as secretary.

    Mrs Scarff took over as secretary.

    Mr Heaviside took over as secretary.

    Mrs Reynolds took over as secretary.

   Mr Harry Smith took over as secretary and was the    first long term one. He held office until 1970.

  Mr David Robbins took over and still holds that   position today (thus being the longest serving UK   Chow Club Secretary).

 Another record entries (180) for Arlene  Robinson, who is now Chairperson of the Club.

Sadly our President Ray Goodchild died but was succeeded by his close friend and long term Committee member Lilian Elliot.
We were delighted to welcome his widow Mrs Barbara Goodchild to the Committee

Did you know it ?

In 1952, members could automatically become Vice President on payment of double the normal membership subscription per year. This resulted in as many as 12 Vice Presidents in one year.

Well known names to have judged in the early days include :

Percy Whitaker (1946)
Joan Joshua (1947)
May Curtis (1951)
Miss Young (1952)
Joan Egerton (1955)
Anita (you know who) 1964
Diana Phillips (1969)
Gillian Claxton (1971)
Sheila Jakeman (1976)
Jack Trick (1977)
etc etc.

Starting numerous new judges who are now Chow household names.

In 2008, Arlene Robinson resigned and Joann Williamson took over as Chairman of the Club. Unfortunately, she passed away in July 2009 and left the Club committee and friends heartbroken. Bill Wells was elected Chairman then.

Notable Championship Show Judges from this Club over the years have been Phil Simpson 'T'Saigon, Jack Huitson 'Linchow' and his daughter Joy Huitson. The present committee consists of 5 Ch. Show judges. Some dedicated exhibitors, some Chow lovers and 2 non-chowists (Samoyists) and, as all pull their weight and do their 'bit' - long may it continue. The Club held its first highly successful and widely acclaimed Championship Show in 1999 and hold the Chow of the Year Show (for the THIRD time) in 2009.

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